How to Write a Buyer Purchase Offer Letter at the Winner’s Home

With many offers arriving every day at the seller’s front door, today’s competitive buyers need a way to stand out from the crowd. Being financially good quality is no longer the magic bullet that takes them to the winner’s circle first. If a buyer will beat another qualified buyer, they need a competitive advantage. This can be surprisingly achieved with a simple, well-written personal letter, presented as a cover for a formal home buyer purchase offer.

The recent challenges add to the frustration of buyers for the experience of buying a home. In addition, the current market has added a sizeable job for agents who sometimes have to write 20 plus offers before successfully meeting, thus creating pressure for the whole team. It was heartbreaking to see the first time home buyer lost the house they had loved. What should have been a relaxing and pleasant experience has turned into an often negative and disappointing experience for many people Dallas Home Buyers.

After personally experiencing this uncomfortable situation, I began to think that there must be a way to do something different so that my client was noticed … but what was that? This situation bothered me for some time, then one day it hit me! I need to somehow appeal to the seller’s emotions by showing that the purchase offer is from a real person. This came to light when I thought back to a certain time when I was showing a young couple buying their first home, a property that had just been registered that morning. We arrived in the afternoon and the property has been shown several times. The owner happened to be at home and welcomed us at the door with a smile. Instead of leaving like most sellers, they stayed. Being the talkative type, they are very proud of their well maintained homes and gave us a great tour of everything and everywhere.

As the tour progressed, I noticed that the owners were attached to my young partner and when we separated they were guaranteed to be the new owners of the beautiful house. That afternoon when I spoke with the sales agent, he mentioned that the seller was so impressed with my buyers that they would accept their offer even though they received several offers on the first day.

Usually buyer agents don’t often have the opportunity to get personal information with sellers, but I learned a lot from that brief meeting. I later learned that my job was to personalize my buyers by making well-written letters that I could include as a cover with every purchase offer. The letter needs to paint a vivid and vivid picture of each buyer in a way that will go beyond written words. The letter must be from the heart, connect with the seller and express a sincere joy to own a home.

So I began to work on making sample letters as a guide that I could share with my buyers. I then suggested that they write a personal letter, highlighting who they were and presenting it as the cover of their purchase offer package. Last night I began to see differences in the attitude of sellers when they received our personal offers from real people. I have defined below the key elements needed to direct your seller’s attention when reading the home buyer purchase offer letter.

Dear seller: Begin your letter with appropriate greetings such as “hello” or “greetings”. Use the seller’s name if possible. Being polite and respectful becomes a friendly starting tone.

Short length: Keep it short and sweet. Your letter cannot be longer than 3-4 paragraphs. If your letter is too long, you will lose the seller’s interest in a sea of ​​words. Start with an introductory paragraph and end with a summary of the ‘wow’ paragraph. Give a lasting impression on your buyers who live at home.

Use Good Grammar: This sounds basic, but letters that are grammatically correct will attract the attention of readers just as bad ones can turn a deal off by turning off the seller. Use complete sentences and try to avoid using slang or inappropriate terms. In other words, write in formal mode.

Express Your Strengths: Put yourself in a good light when talking about yourself. What features or characteristics make you stand out as a “special” individual. Are you community minded, donating your time, etc. A word of heart, must be sincere and humble. This is not the time to brag and beat your chest.

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